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QONQR will donate $10 for every ice bucket challenge

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Here is mine.

For every ice bucket challenge video posted by our players by Sept 30th, we will donate $10 to ALS research, up to $2000. You must say your codename in the video, so we know you didn't just grab some random person's video off the internet.

Also I personally challenge everyone to register for the marrow donor registry at BeTheMatch.org. I was a bone marrow donor and it was the easiest most rewarding way to personally save the life of another individual. Marrow matching goes well beyond blood type. It requires a nearly identical match on 12 DNA markers. It is extremely hard to find a match and if you are selected, it is possible, perhaps likely, that you are the only person in the over 10 million people registered who could save the life of another person through a marrow donation. It was so easy. It was pain free and I experienced no side effects. For many patients, a marrow transplant is their last chance at survival, or prolonging their life. Be a hero, join the registry. http://BeTheMatch.org

Please post your videos here

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