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Props to East Coast Legion

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I don't know if everyone knows this yet, but over the last 48 hours, Legion has been working to tear down the Shining Swarm Capitol on the East Coast (Yeah, they've called it this in their chats). Legion tore down a 31+ million bot tower at Dover, DE. I'm not legion and I'm not trying to steal their thunder here, but I was impressed to see anyone go for it and even more impressed to see them pull off the takedown in an impressive amount of time. I wish we could have pulled the op off, but alas, we were beaten to it.

Great work Legion, it was FAR more impressive than the Pittsburgh Takedown. Genuine props for the destruction!



The dip at the end was faceless scavenging every nano scrap that we could muster. 1 million nanos is hard to turn away from.

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