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**Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

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Nice starting to get a decent turn out. I added my name to the list. If I do some how win, I will pass my winnings along to some one else. not fair if the host takes the #1 prize lol

We should by all counts have at least twice as many players in legion alone, more or less all factions. Sign up, theirs nothing to fear by joining. I promise we wont feed the losers to Gmenman.

Sorry G no bodies to bury out back this time.

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Your contest, your timetable! Do we have a chat room for the competitors? Daily stat updates? Thanks again for hosting

I wasnt sure if the swarm participants were using groupme or line. We can definetly setup a groupme room for it.

The offical results will be calculated by qonqr support, update will need to be manually handled. once we are closer to the start I will try to get everyone's base numbers, but accuracy will be more of a estimate.Thus the final totals coming from support to keep it accurate

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