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As many of you know, we just got a logo touch-up. This has left us with some leftover QONQR t-shirts and we need to clear out our current inventory.

We have decided to try a fun and easy contest to give away some of our remaining shirts. Our inventory includes some unisex shirts in 2XL, XL, L, a Medium or two, and a few ladies style shirts as well.


The contest will be held all-day Saturday and Sunday (January 24th and 25th), with the days beginning and ending according to the UTC/GMT time zone.


1. We will be using the Most Active Zones list to see who wins. The List is public information, and it is easy to determine a winner. http://portal.qonqr.com/Home/MostActiveZones

2. Five winners will be selected from the players listed on the “10 Most Active Zones” list. The top five players with the most launches in any zone on this list will win. Five shirts awarded for Saturday’s battles, five shirts for Sunday’s battles.

3. If you win a shirt on Saturday, you will not be eligible to win one on Sunday.

This shirt has been in print since our 2011 BETA. Here is your last chance to own an original!

All winners will have the option to have their t-shirts customized with their codenames.

Winners will be announced on Monday.


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Although I would like to have the opportunity to win a T-Shirt as they look cool although a Hot colour Black

I would like to say although the idea of active zone works for most areas that are well contested or have a large number of players can create the activity in an area that is void contested zones or player numbers are low it is impossible to get the zone on the active list as most times it requires more than 600 deploys to get on the list and one person not cubing can only do about 300-350 deploys in a 24 hour period (From my personal experience) and that is usually during Atlantis.

Sorry ***** is over

The idea of a contest is always good but most leave a portion of the players out of a chance to participate despite the effort of an individual puts into it.

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