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Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

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Hi, I have been curious for some time so I'm going to go ahead and create my first post here. What kind of generalizations does your faction make about your enemy factions? What names do you call them? What do you admire about them? I've heard terms like 'Grapes' before, but that never made sense to me because grapes come in all three faction colors. I'm looking for broad even incorrect generalizations. Your local enemies might be very different, but just ignore that for now. So lets hear it, what dirt/praise do you have on other factions?

I'll get started with a few:

Faceless: Bottomless wallets

Faceless: Grapes

Faceless: Purps

Faceless: Impressive recruitment of new players (converts and new)

Legion: Legs

Legion: Thai Multiscopers

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the grapes thing is daft i agree. so is the money thing as across the world there will be areas where their are non spending faceless surrounded by heavily spending swarm or legion. just depends where you are.

not really got anything else to add.

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We often just say Legion NL or Swarm NL (yes internal too, we do not have much hate)

Legion NL - Grandpas (you know why I am saying that ^^)

Swarm NL - 'That faction that once were 2nd in NL'

Oooh yes we both call Legion and Swarm lyars... lol

EDIT: Did I mentionet Treehuggers and Legionella?

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I've seen the bottomless wallet thing tossed out for all three factions. Just depends on the local environment. Atlantis really opened my eyes to how many spenders in all three we got.

I've seen honor-less get tossed around for faceless. Cowardly for swarm. Idiotic for legion. But really one again it's all about the local scene and your surrounding 400 that paints those biases.

End of the day it's a silly game and we all do the same stupid **** somewhere.

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Oh I just heard a new one for Legion: Cherries

Yes, yes I know generalizations are largely local. I guess I was wrong in thinking we'd have some global ones now given Atlantis and such.

That's a new one. Well I haven't heard it.

Guess legion pops cherries..? Wha..????? :P

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