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What should happen to the individuals and companies that spam the forums?

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While the forum has been pretty quiet, due to the popularity of chat apps, its still a point of contact and assistance for new players. I thought that only registered Qonqrers could access the forums but it seems to be not the case.

There should be a closer eye kept on the forums by the moderators and steps taken.

I believe you can now take legal action against companies who spam or are promoted by spamming forums etc. Probably a bit pricey to do though.


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This 3rd party hosting service that we use for our forums does not have a way for us to require the verification steps it would require to keep non-players from registering. We know this is a problem, and as soon as we get reports from our moderators that there is spam, we try to clean it up and ban the people and their IP's. For now that is all we can do, but we may reach out to some of you more active people to be moderators as well.

Thanks for your patience and for those of you reporting...thank you for that as well.

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