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Hello friends! I made a couple wallpapers for all factions, as vector graphic practice (first time ever used it actually).

Hope you'll like them.

Be warned, though - they have extreme 8k resolution, so you open them at your own risk.

I won't be responsible for possible explosion of your computers or phones (or other devices) :)

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: https://www.dropbox....gamesh.rar?dl=1

Without further delay, here they are:







Write what you think, any criticism is welcome.

Also, if you have any idea on how I can improve them / change colors / etc. PM me please. Maybe I'll answer :D

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How about a merc one?

What kind of merc? :) You mean cubers? Can make one too, but it is easier to work with some source material. If you have any ideas for symbol or motto please let me know.

Edit: I've heard someone addressing cobers as "merc", but if you simply mean players changing factions, that's fine.

I can make one, but what to write, what symbol use? Oh the questions... :D

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