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Atlantis June, 2015

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I want to start by thanking Faceless. This round of Atlantis, Legion and Faceless were doubled in sized and probably spending by Swarm. I contacted some great players from the other side and put together a nonaggression pact, this pact was one of the most impressive agreements I've seen in the more than two years of playing. Hundreds of people worldwide stuck to this agreement and put past feelings behind us. It was awesome to see both sides stick so closely to each other in fighting against Swarm. I want to really thank everyone who showed honor by standing behind me and the faceless command when we suggested that, the people who really gave it a chance and then most importantly, to all the players who honored it. Faceless, thank you very much! We stood no chance of winning without you!

The battle came down to literally one launch in one of three zones. I'd say that with that being said everyone fought incredibly hard, so I want to give Swarm the respect they deserve. You guys really show out and play to win. Good game, 2 against 1 is not easy, no matter how large your crew is.

And Legion, we had many late, late nights, many very long days. You guys killed it this month! We didn't take home a trophy, but I would say we all have something to be proud of! The other leaders who helped me coordinate everything were awesome! So many great people kept everything moving forward 24 hours a day for the whole week. Thank you to everyone who gave it your all for the whole week even when we saw that Swarm had 4x our bots at the end of just one day. Many people would have given up, but we held in and **** near won! I've won Atlantis battles with Faceless and with Legion but I will say, nothing was as fun or incredible as this round! You guys are fantastic and I can't wait to do it all again next month! Hopefully we have more Legion and Faceless show up for the next round, but I know that even if we don't, we will figure out a way, just as warriors do.


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Congrats to Swarm on their second stupendous Atlantis victory in a row -- good solid play -- excellent team work -- impressive leadership and coordination -- outstanding participation -- a well-earned Swarm victory -- again, congrats!

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