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Bot Regeneration Accelerator & 7/7/15 revelations

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We got a couple new blog posts today, but one specifically talks about one of the -new- upgrades (plus more bot/energy tank upgrades jumping to 20,000/150). The details on it are:

"Finally we are introducing a brand new upgrade called the Bot Regeneration Accelerator. This upgrade will increase the rate your scope generates nanobots by a minimum of 10%. We say minimum because we plan to have promotional battle days or weekends where bot regeneration will be boosted by a higher amount for anyone who owns the upgrade. The upgrade once purchased, will last 6 months, but can be purchased again. New players will receive a trial version of this upgrade in the beginning part of their training for free, as a “try before you buy”. This upgrade will cost $0.99 USD."

In the blog posts it also talks about how overheat will work the same before the regen accelerator is factored in.

• this seems like a great upgrade with lots of flexibility baked in. While the stated "promotional" days/weekends could be fun sometimes, it also seems like it opens the door to things like boosting whatever local faction is drastically under represented and such.

• I'm the jump from 8200/100 to 10000/150 isn't that big, but it looks like it could introduce some variation to the 6x of anything you can fit/20 min rough optimal ro something that will vary depending on what you are deploying since the difference between 1150/1200/1250/1450 can now grow to a semi meaningful distinction when coupled with the accelerator for some pot types.

Barring more revelations (shield decay on retired player bots is next), ill leave it at saying that I think at least one more tank upgrade (15,000/150) would be a lot more interesting since the size then grows to where that difference in deployment size allows for significantly different deployment strategies that can lead to more of a "do I want to..." Style choice where optimal might leave you stuck being unable to defend against a less optimal but faster near optimal.

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I love all of the new blue changes they've revealed so far. However this is the only one I'm somewhat on the fence on. In some ways I really love the idea of a boosting my bot generation by 10%. What's weird to me is the time limit, 6 months? no other upgrade has had a fixed time limit like this, the other weird thing is the $0.99 for the upgrade? Are cubes going away? Are we mixing money and cubes in the depot now, very confusing?

Not a criticism, just thought I'd bring this up as a discussion point. Keep up the good work developers, look forward to blue.

Here is one thing I'd love to see, the idea of a coolant item for sale in the depot. They would sell among side refresh packs and would cost between 1 - 5 cubes (I'm not really good at game balancing which is why I'm giving such a large range). Coolant would serve 2 purposes, the first one would be to cool your scope from overheat. It can get annoying being very active in the game for a short period of time and then getting overheated. You can use refresh packs of course, but that can get expensive and only causes your scope to stay red hot. The biggest use of coolant would be when your traveling and are only in locations for a short time and need to keep your scope cool.

The other use for coolant would be to break out of what I would call is Bot Launcher Overheat. Bot Launcher Overheat would be a new limit to how many launches you could do in an hour. It would literally stop you from launching. The limit would be pretty high, high enough that you would have to be extensively using cubes during a short amount of time to ever hit it. When you hit this limit you would either have to wait an hour to launch or use coolant to cool your scope back. I think this would really help to add another step to prevent overcubing, while at the same time not stop you from cubing, if you want you just need to use coolant.

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