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possible flaw in ahield secau as posted 7/9/15

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This came up in the merc channel with Z2301705 as a great example of why. Different situation: Target Acquired: z2301705 - Overlake // Washington // United States. 100+ players no 50 has 50k bots, 90 are inactives. Will not be able to get at them the 20 actives will protect & defend the soft inactives.

Since there are quite a few similar situations in my area/region , I can see it being a more widespread problem. Perhaps that along with the shield decay, the Ina tuce bits should get ramped up threat to make them more and more difficult to protect as time progresses with the players remaining inactive in an active area

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I originally posted that on the merc Channel, To Clarify: The Overlake area is the main campus of Microsoft. Many players start and quit there, in the past a post on the blog, it was one of two areas that have more than 100 players.

The Swarm dominate the Seattle Metro by a wide margin however some of their players have retired. But more of both faceless and Legion players have retired.

I imagine the situation getting worse for the local opposition since swarm team is currently at 15-25 actives Vs 10 for each other faction. So the bot decay will favor the bigger faction locally since we would not be able to cover inactive bots, but they would, since the actives can just cover with more defense.

What tetra is proposing is the following: While the shield of the abandoned bot is degraded, he would lose the camouflage provided by the similarity to the shields of other bots in the zone by the same amount, therefore raising the threat the attacker sees while selecting a target for attack. So the degradation off the shield, brings the proportional raise in threat level. If we are messing with the stats of existing bots, we can surely mess with two stats instead of one stat.

What say you Qonqr Community?

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Yea it goes by a different stat now, but raising the threat level is a good and easily understood conceptual thing. Hopefully they do something like this though :D

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