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Blue Server changes FAQ

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The following are frequently asked questions about the new server update (so far)

It still says Training Complete on my iPhone.

- Download the update from iTunes

It still says Training Complete on my Android.

- Sorry, Android will not be updated again until the QONQR Blue beta is released

My XP per launch keeps going down

- This is XP throttling and is intended to limit the ability for people to leve1 from 1 to 100 in a single day through heavy cubing. The XP throttle was introduced with the original version of QONQR in 2012,and the throttle formula is the same for levels above 100. The throttle resets at midnight UTC every day.

How do I buy the Bot Regeneration Accelerator?

- Currently the Bot Regen Accelerator can only be purchased through http://portal.qonqr.com. Go to the Depot and review your scope upgrades. The new QONQR Blue clients will allow for this purchase to be made in the app using your mobile billing.

I don’t have a PayPal account

- For users interested in purchasing the Regen upgrade, but who do not have a PayPal account, PayPal does give you the option to checkout using your billing information without creating an account.

PayPal is not allowed in my country, or I don’t have a credit or debit card

- Please contact support@QONQR.com for alternate options

Is Bot Regen Accelerator counted as part of the 100% scope upgrades?

- Yes, but there is a bug that does not increase scope upgrade percent when you purchase this upgrade, that will be fixed in the coming days.

For all other questions, please read the 7 blog posts prior to 7/29/2015 for information on what was included in the update today.

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Shield Decay is Enabled.

Question: The selected opponent is still selected upon shield strength? Is the opponent selection algorithm based on current shields or full strength Shields? Does this mean that the long retired person is less likely to be selected if there's active players bots in the zone?

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Shield Decay does not impact enemy selection, just battle outcome for now. That could change in the future.

Currently Regen Upgrade is required to get to 100% scope upgrade to earn the medal. I hope if you play QONQR long enough to earn the 54 other upgrades all through qredit harvesting, you've gotten enough entertainment from the game for free that you'll be willing to spend 99 cents on the last one to help support the game's growth.

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Use the link in Silvers post to access the portal. I tried from my phone and it displays an the web portal without the new stuff in it.

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Silver, you mentioned in a blog that there are levels beyond 150, is it safe to say there is no level limit anymore or is that for us to discover?

Another question, I'm not sure if I'm the only one noticing this but it seems like bot decay doesn't work against Zone Assault bots.

I've hit two players I know have been inactive for well over 6 months but my attack had the same effect it did yesterday before the update. However I did notice against Deflection bots I am getting 2x the kill power.

Also in response to decontaminatoR.

Paid gaming isn't just something for adults. When I was 13 the best options for handheld gaming was GameBoy or GameGear and the games at the time cost anywhere between $29-$39 dollars. I had a paper route to pay for my games. So, no offense, but you can afford $0.99 for a game. You don't even need a paper route, just check under your couch cushions and I'm sure you'll find a few quarters.

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