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Questions on Defense Formations

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Hello I have a few questions on how certain defensive formations work and how they work together.

First let me set up a scenario. Enemy base has the following bots: 250k Deflection, 75k Zone Assault, 25k Hardened Lattice, 40k Amps, 40k Galvs. This is a base I plan to attack. I have read the changes in defensive formations made in 2013 like this post http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/1192-qa-on-2-18-2013-formation-updates/. And I am an experienced player.

This is how I attack (I understand how unlikely the scenario is but please focus on the numbers). Also, call this "beach head 1"

1) I put in 40k amps and 40k galvs.

2) I put in 25k Hardened lattice (I know I will have to deploy 20 times because of survivability)

3) I put in 16k absorbers (10 deployments of absorbers including losses due to survivability)

This is my "beach head 1" now here come the questions:

I read that absorbers can only benefit from 20k galvs because they are capped at 50% increased shield. Does this mean that the extra 20k galvs and 25k Hardened lattice do not apply to the 16k absorbers?

Also when does Harden Lattice throw on the extra 100% defense? Is it proportional to the amount of Hardened Lattice in the zone? Say I only put the following bots into the zone, ("beach head 2") 10k Hardened lattice and 16k absorbers, would those absorbers be capped at 50%? Meaning if the enemy (100% upgrades) was to attack the two different "beach heads" would the kills remain the same if the enemy used the same attack formation in each scenario.

I will have many follow up questions, so if you decide to respond please check back for another question.

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