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Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

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Monk, I would welcome that battle

:) /Nod

You have more pull with developers than I, so get on them:

Invite only Empty zone in "close range" of all (such as atlantis model)

Spectators allowed.

Simple rules (such as atlantis model) grunt, melee, cubeless options. etc.

recently i also added to my contemplation: perhaps use any still EMPTY zones in the world?

Alternate uses can be tournements, Team matches (5 on 5, 10 on 10 etc..)

Possibly even Credit fee and winner takes the pot?

Important it doesn't have a CUBE only cost (assuming there will be some cost unless free which would b e swell)

Hook it up! We can Zone Chess.

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The illegal occupation of Loyal Heights and Crown Hill by the (*gag*) Seattle Swarm is still a flash point. However, the wretched enemy couldn't keep the badly outnumbered faceless from regaining control of Loyal Heights at the height of the battle.

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That one day, where everyone form the area brought all his multi accounts and hammered away on that one zone, aaaaw maaaan, such good times.

Oh wait, that happens every day arround here.

Yep, i am growing bitter and frustrated by this as the only way to effectivly counter it is to bring your own mutlis which leads to even more multis on the other factions.

Not even blaming one faction in particular, just here locally it's swarm, i am pretty sure faceless are doing the same thing somewhere else and frustrating some poor swarm suckers who just try to play fair.

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