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how to update your windowsphone 8.0 device to wp8.1 or wp10

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I'm posting this because I recently had to go through the hard way when I switched from a lumia 810 with wp10 and a horrifically cracked screen to a lumia 810 with a good screen that used to be a display model running wp8.0 with no easy update options * figured it might help someone.

The stupid simple way for 8.1

  • This will probably only work for you if you won the powerball the other day, so I'll write this step on that assumption.
  • pay someone to slide right from the start/home/tile screen
  • Go to settings
  • go into phone update & check both boxes
  • You should probably do this over wifi unless you don't mind maybe using a lot of data, but tap check for updates & restart of required. from here this mostly consists of plugging in the device and tapping download, install, or reboot occasionally between updates

The easy way for 8.1

  • Ok, that last step probably didn't work for anyone, but it's important to try because this step will only work if your device is at least semi updated.
  • go to this page and follow the directions to register with the preview program before installing & using the "preview for developers" app from microsoft on your phone (find it in your phone's store).
  • Open the preview for developers app and follow the prompts to enable it on your device
  • Repeat the steps from the stupid simple way above and it will download the updates for 8.1 this time if you are lucky.
  • As long as your device is capable of running wp 8.1, this will probably work for most any phone running wp8.0.

The hard way for 8.1 on lumia phones

  • Be VERY careful here or you could possibly brick your phone (I doubt it, but it's theoretically possible)
  • download the LumiaFlashTools direct from XDA developers here because the ones linked in the tutorial below are probably bad and report as having a virus.After you get the flash tools above from xda developers, visit the tutorial here) remember not to get the tools from the link in the tutorial.
  • follow the directions in the tutorial to flash your phone with a new rom.
  • Repeat the steps listed in the easy way above

The easy way to update to wp10

  • here is a list of phones that wp10 supports.
  • If your device is on the list and already running wp8.1, go into the store on it and install an app called windows insider.
  • This app is pretty much like the preview for developers but for wp10... just install it, open it up to enable it & pick either the fast or slow channel.
  • repeat the stupid simple way above

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