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This is a forum to report bugs for QONQR Blue. Please check the bug board before reporting a bug.


Silver and Gadgerson will attempt to monitor this discussion board daily. Silver will also attempt to visit the Forum Chat daily and will announce when he is in the chat room via Twitter. Getting direct, real-time feedback in chat may be necessary to discover the root cause for some issues.


Topics in this room may be deleted once the bug has been reproduced/confirmed and added to the bug board. PLEASE CHECK THE BUG BOARD before posting a new problem.

Please include your phone manufacturer and model, as well as what version of QONQR you are running when reporting a bug.

NOTE: This is a test server. You will need to register a new account in the test environment. I recommend creating an account that is obviously test to reduce any confusion in the future ("TestSilver" or "xSilver").

Android Beta: https://play.google....qr.android.blue

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