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Are there any chances for root support?

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I love QONQR Blue, but I had to unroot my device. I use apps like Link2SD or FolderMount and they are really important. Please, just make a root script in qonqr that checks for illegal apps.

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We understand the pain that root blocking causes for some players, and we understand that root detection isn't 100% certain for those who can manipulate the Android kernel.

Of the Android players that we have had to ban since the beta started, 90% (perhaps 95%) were on a rooted Android device. This of course does not mean that everyone running an android phone is trying to cheat or abuse the game. But we have caught a disproportionately higher percentage of attempts to cheat on rooted Android than jailbroken iOS, which is even more unexpected when you aren't anonymously downloading the game via the App Store, but instead need to register with us in Google+ to play.

It is worth noting, we also ban dozens of jailbroken iPhones every month for attempting to cheat.

Roots have historically been very expensive for us to deal with. They have consumed a high percentage or our time for Gadgerson (who handles QONQR support) and often pull me away from building new features and fixing bugs. The app is more tightly locked down right now. It is easier for us to loosen restrictions as we go, than to add new restrictions later.

You are correct that we could look for "illegal" apps, but that list would be long and I could never do that in every country. That however, isn't the greatest concern that is driving root blocking. I hope you understand if I don't share what is my biggest security concern with rooted devices.

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