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bases detail screen does not show number of available bases

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When viewing the bases detail screen, and when inside a zone that already contains a base, the number of bases that can be created by the current user is not shown.

Workaround: delete current base, view available bases, re-create current zone base.

Recommend: Always show # of bases available. Possible choices:

- Always show # of available bases and disregard contradiction between "cannot create base, zone already has base" and "+2 bases available

- Always show # of bases, but use different verb, such as "+2 bases needed"

- Use line/bar graph to show #of bases and if full. (Emulate % full bar)

- Show % of bases underneath % of harvest, deal with inevitable confusion or use different adjective such as "% Full" for harvest "% Bases" for # of bases, or "% built", etc.

My preference would be to change SYSTEM STATUS section to read:

This zone already contains a base

+2 bases needed

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