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Cannot initially get location inside of building / home, maintain location works fine except after reboot

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Cannot re-initialize location inside of building, inside home is much delayed.


1. Be outside, get location, launch blue, deploy ordinance

2. Go inside building, preferably an office building that reflects GPS radio signals.

3. Resume blue, deploy ordinance.

4. Invoke crash of blue, re-launch blue, most likely this will keep your last location

5. Reboot phone

6. Launch blue, see error message "cannot determine your location".

7. Launch classic qonqr inside building, deploy ordinance. Classic qonqr finds location without issues.

I'm betting this is attached to a new anti-spoofing routine that's not present in classic qonqr.

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I believe QONQR Classic on Android had no expiration of of a GPS location. In theory, you could be running off a location from hours/days ago. Too many Android users on QONQR Classic get flagged for location spoofing and are put into 24 hour maximum overheat because they deploy in their old location, then travel (airplane) deploy in new city with old location, then get a GPS fix and deploy in new city. This looks like you instantaneously traveled hundreds of miles. Now a GPS will not be considered valid if the last location was more than 15-30 minutes old.

We will see how this morning's update goes. Not sure if this will make things better or worse. By default QONQR uses "coarse" location preferences, which should help with battery life. Coarse should allow you to get your location based on the network. If you are connected to a network or cell tower, I think you should be able to get your location using coarse.

Location services in Android is a very tough thing to get right. The API is messy. I added alot of code to this and hopefully it makes things better.

Additionally, there is now an option to use "High Accuracy" location under settings. This will drain your battery, but in rural areas where you may only have 1 cell tower in the area, your location could be off by many miles if you don't turn on the GPS antenna (this new setting).

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I'm able to fire just fine after a reboot. I will test inside of a building that's essentially a faraday cage, but for now it seems fixed. I have "high accuracy gps" turned off because a) I'm not using it to pilot a precision munition, so I can deal with lower accuracy; B) I'm assuming lower accuracy will be more tolerant of weak GPS radio signals and can rely on wifi/triangulation, and c) best to try out the new feature and test it!


To that end, even though I have Blue set to "high accuracy off" the location entry in my phone's control panel shows Blue using "high battery use" location services (the other choice being "low battery use", suggesting the toggle isn't changing the underlying setting. Platform: OnePlus One, Anroid 5.1.1.

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I've added more code to GPS, which will be in the next release. Unfortunately, I can ask Android to use corse position, but that doesn't mean the phone won't turn on the antenna anyway. This is one of the areas where phone manufacturers will often make modifications to the Android OS and writing code for a consistent result isn't possible.

We do turn off the antenna when the app goes to the background (not sure if that went in the last release or will be in the next one) which should help with battery usage quite a bit.

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