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I created a test profile as Silver suggested... named it "JUS7IFIEDblue"... and worked up to level 10 on it.

Then went through the api test site and created my regular "JUS7IFIED" profile too. But when trying to login to my phone I get the message:

"This device has been locked to JUS7IFIEDblue"

Wasn't surprised by that. Nice security feature to prevent multi-accounts from going back and forth.

BUT is there a time-out on it like 24 hours or something? I know I haven't launched or even been logged in under the "blue" account in over 24 hours. Even uninstalled and readded the app. Still nada.

Was wondering how/when/if I could login as JUS7IFIED and no longer be locked to the "blue" profile.

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I think the lock out is forever, unless you ask support@qonqr.com to lift it from that device. The test server uses test accounts. No reason to create a new user with your proper Qonqr name on it, but maybe I'm misunderstanding why you want the 2nd test account.

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This is an anti multi-scoping check, and there is no timeout. If you sell your device or give it to one of your children you will need to contact support to unlock the device.

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