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To the faceless: thank you. To everyone else, here's what Atlantis meant to us.

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I'm sure there are a lot of people in all factions that already knew this, but for those that didn't, this Atlantis was a dedication to one of our own, who passed of Feb 2nd last year.

Like many faceless around here, he was selfless and always down for a fight. He actually lived w/in sw/df range of me, and saved my hindquarters multiple times, because of my poor stacking and low level. I found qonqr on my own, but after one of the dozens of times he saved me and after about the hundredth noob question that he answered for me in a calm and concise fashion, I selected him as my recruiter. I didn't always get along w/the faceless in my state, but he never gave up on me, and is a large part of why I kept playing and ended up persevering over 7 other players attacking me, not only pushing them out of my zones, but building up to 4th place in IL (USA). That's not to say that I didn't occasionally receive help and advice from other faceless, but Outlaw was someone I could always count on.

While I didn't know him personally, it was quite a blow when RebelFalcon told us that he had passed last year, and with very little information about what happened, we were stunned. To make matters worse, shortly after his passing, Qonqr introduced decay, which of course people who can't take on living faceless used as an excuse to get some kills. Since then, most of his zones have been covered (I'm still in the process of covering those I can only reach at certain parts of the city), and we've had an op or two in his name.

RebelFalcon again brought up the idea of honoring him this year, and I think the results of Atlantis show that it's quite clear how obvious of a choice it was for us faceless to honor him. I know that he would have been proud and humbled to see how much he meant to us, and what a force faceless can become when uniting behind a worthy cause.

Thank you to all the purps who gave their time an energy, and I'll be pouring one out for you tonight, old friend.



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