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WAY too many taps to get to bot leaders, tactical

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1: see new enemy zones on map

2: tap on enemy zone

3. bring up launch screen

4. tap slider

5. make mistake, hit tactical instead of bot leaders

6. See bot leader, but you really only wanted to see who took over zone


1. See new enemy zone on map

2. tap on enemy zone

3. Brings up launch screen, please show either highest bot leader or whoever took it over

Possible places for real estate to show data:

1. Under faction bars, but above faction badge

2. On the right side of screen across from the attacking bot type

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We have leader and capture to be added to the launch wheel on the bug list (feature). We may also make it so tapping the zone information in the lower left/right may also jump right to leaderboard. That is harder to do since it skips a page in the current navigation (launch wheel), but could be an option.

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