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Level up messages in the Com Center

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Right now when you level up, you get a cool splash screen showing that achievement. In the Com center you have a message saying that occurred. Right now it's a simple message in the Com Center. All you can do is delete it. It would be nice to have a "view" achievement" button add to the Com Center message that would show that pop-up again in all its glory. Just a suggestion.

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+1 on this. It's not great to have to mark a message as "read" that you've already read. If it weren't a heavy workload I'd suggest a separate achievements tab/entry in the comm window.

Like this:

Chat Rooms [*]

Achievements [*]

Team Blasts [*]

Would this push the USA/Washington/Zone off of the screen to the bottom? yes, but it already looks like a scroll box to me.

For anyone reading this: please vote on the comm box and whether or not it's OK to scroll off the bottom of the screen. Options include country/region/zone at the top and the above categories at the bottom.

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Skybolt, I'm not sure I understood this. Can you expand a bit further.

In the new dispatches model, you get a congrats dispatch when you level up. It would be nice if tapping that dispatch brought up the glory page again so you could screen shot it. A future feature.

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You bet

I'm suggesting a mod to the comm screen, that could address the double-notification issue Soupist is describing. If I understand Soupist he's asking to suppress the comm notification, since the user already sees it when leveling up, and shouldn't have to mark the comm message as read -- leaving the novelty of unread messages for more important things. The problem I see with surpassing the comm message is the user may want an archive, which is always a good thing.

So, my suggestion is to break out the COMM center screen with additional options. Today there are two lead items (dispatches and chat rooms/refresh) and four chat rooms. My initial assumption was this was designed to fit on one page -- but now that I see the "noob" room, I'm assuming the expectation will be additional rooms, even custom, creating a long list that scrolls off the screen, so pushing the rooms (global, noob, nation, region) off the bottom of the page wouldn't be an issue.

That said, now onto my suggestion:

Instead of just "dispatches [view all] followed by "chat rooms [refresh]", I'd make that section larger and create new categories similar to classic Qonqr's wire pages, Command Wire and Personal Wire. These would be my suggested categories, and their functions, in this order:

Dispatches (your current category for what used to be personal wire and command wire)

Qonqr Messages (could be called Achievements, is a category for part of the old Command Wire, for level ups, rank increases, elite status, other system generated kudos or even manually generated Qonqr staff kudos )

Qonqr Alerts (part of the old Command Wire, specifically "your zone is under attack/has been captured")

Team Blasts would be a message to send to all Faceless inside a certain radius, but now that I think further that would invite spam, so kill this one. But, the concept of "n" categories above the chat room list.

If I'm correct and you intend it to scroll off the bottom of the screen, I'd suggest moving the worldwide/country/region above the list. It's also possible I don't understand the organization of the chat rooms so after i type this I'm going to go test creating rooms and see if I can place the rooms inside a certain region.

My comment about a heavy workload is that my solution might require heavy re-architecture of the Comm Center, and if that's the case I wouldn't prioritize it very high, that sounds to me more like a post-release upgrade, since the core problem (a few unread dispatches) isn't much of a problem at all. If on the other hand, the framework is flexible and it's just a matter of creating or modifying an XML-like tree structure, then I'd prioritize it higher as a great comm experience would be, well, great.

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