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Load screen modification

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Recommend adding a progress bar to the load screen that shows tips ... Why?

On multiple occasions now my muscle memory has kicked in and I've hit the android BACK button to clear the tip, being antsy to start the app. The behavior here is of course to exit the app, as it should be, but now I've been hoist by my own petard as it were.

A progress bar (even if it's completely fake and advances at a fixed rate) lets the user know "hold on, Charlie, we're getting there."

I would also add text, such as "connecting to QONQR grid ..." or "reading QONQR pulses, detecting zones", something immersive.

Tips are fine, but most startup tips in other apps are designed to be closed, so we don't want to change expectations on people.

I'd rate this as fairly important and a UIX issue. importance 3 of 5.

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The initializing screen could use some work. The biggest issue is that Android freezes the UI thread as it is drawing other pages (getting ready to render the map, menu, etc) so a progress bar in our initial design looked bad because it started to draw, then froze. The rotating hexagon seemed to cause less panic when it stopped spinning.

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