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Zone icon - Good, but could be better

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I really like looking at the zones and know which ones are big or small zones. Right now you can tell if it's empty, has some bots in the zone or 1m. I think that how it goes. Would it be better to have the icon change its looks this way.

Empty - No color

0-250,000 - 1/4 of the icon filled

250,001 - 500,000 - 1/2 of icon filled

500,001 - 750,000 3/4 filled

750,001 - 1,000,000 all filled

Can't attach images anymore for some reason. I'll PM this to you silver.


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If you delete your old images it should free up space; it's a hard upload limit that doesn't reset.

Love this idea --- might be easier to just to a % of 1,000,000, with empty being zero and 1M being full.

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At first I considered that it should be more visible, & even posted about it here, but think back to before qommnd & the pull out/black list view that made it easier for a dominating faction to trivially smash any non aligned locals that dared grow a zone too far beyond popcorn zone cap fodder without having to pause their own stacking otherwise by wasting their time/deployments on possibly zone caps they do might not need check out those growing bases.

I'm of the mind that the lack of it is quite the improvement & if possible benefits don't play out in time it's easy enough to add later after the legacy clients get phased out

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