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Qonqr Blue first impressions

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Windows Phone Lumia 950XL

Overall impression: 2 stars out of 5


There are a few things to like. But I'll focus on improvement areas here:

Don't like:


1. I miss the color scheme that matched my faction.

2. I'm not at all a fan of the neon colors.

3. The font face is hard to read and the fact that fonts are tiny makes it worse. I never liked the readability of the text on the web portal, now the app is just as bad.

4. In chat, when entering text ("begin transmission"), the text is light grey on white. Why?? It's extremely hard to read. Same experience in other text input fields.


The launch wheel will take some time getting used to, but as a seasoned player, my first impression is negative.

1. the icons aren't intuitive and look too similar. I keep having to look for text clues to figure out what I am launching.

2. There is no point of reference, and the fact that icon colors keep changing isn't helping. As a result, each time I go to the wheel it takes time to orient myself. It would be so much easier if the wheel was fixed, so I can just memorize the positions of each launch button.

3. After launching into a zone it is much harder than before to quickly parse the results of what kinds of bots I have in the zone and how many. That's because text is replaced by icons and icons are tiny and non-intuitive (see earlier comment). Some text is just impossible to read, like white on yellow gold status.

4. I wish I could get rid of the "share your impact" buttons. they are annoyingly pronounced. I wish the bot icons were as big instead.

5. "Your scope wants to reset" - I get why you added this, but it's just plain annoying


1. distance to zones is no longer displayed for search results. this was a very useful feature

2. Zone strength is no longer displayed for search results (one to four icons depending on bot count). Again - this was a very useful feature


1. I *hate* not being able to pin zones to my start screen. That alone is enough of a disappointment for me, wanting to go back to the old client.

2. Looking at zones around me in list format (not map format) - it was super useful to see the exact distance displayed, so I could for example quickly see what's in range for HL. All that context is gone.


1. When going back to a chat room, I have to re-read messages to figure out where I left off

2. No threads

3. cannot pin chat rooms from various regions I care about

4. Tapping on stars to 'like' messages often is not working.


1. Not sure why I would ever want to rotate the map, unless I want to confuse myself

2. Zone details are much too hard to read. Sometimes they are impossible to read, when white text is on top of neon green zones

3. When looking at bases, why can't I tap on a base to see details? (I hope that's just a bug...)

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I share a lot of these opinions so i'll just highlight which ones i agree with the most.

In general the interface is overkill for what was previously a nice simple app. It's very pretty and unique in design, but I need function.


#2, 3


#1, 1, 1 again, 2, 3, 5

The launch icons have no distinction. If you're only going to use icon use the classic icon from a launch summary. Those are all unique.



I know that's WP only, but if there isn't a native replacement for saving your own targets this removal is right behing the launch icons

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I agree on a lot of things.


I'm not too happy with the deployment selection, mostly because it rotates, but i think I might get used to it. Virtual navigation pane made the game almost unplayable at first but now it's bearable.

I have mixed feelings about the battle result screen. On one hand I definitely agree, clarity of the results is not really there. Having enemy bots on multiple rows and columns is worse compared to the list we had before. Also comparisons should be side to side. There was nothing wrong with the old layout, imo. Having 4x2 options to share the results doesn't help either. I have never used the share function in White. And do they even work? All they do for me is make a noise...

But it also has the relaunch option which is amazing and the weekly kills is pretty neat as well.

I don't have much of an issue with the scope reset thingy. It's just a swipe while the code is much more time consuming and never loads quickly.


Miss the zone size indicator as well


Sending them to yourself works now, so that helps a bit. Will have to see how it works when there are more messages and zones to manage.


Rotation is really confusing and it happens sometimes by accident while zooming.

Base view doesn't really offer anything atm (Well, it looks good^^). It should allow to access the zones like it used to.

I have to say the map navigation performance has improved by a lot! On White it lags like ****, even on flagship phones.

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go_    0

Using Android Beta

Ok, so using Qonqr blue for a week led me to write my opinion here, meaning, there's something very wrong.

Please don't take the following as a rant. It's my way of paying respect to the work that has gone into this new app. That's why I feel obliged to help.

The new UI is pretty, no doubt. This much was promised and I think they delivered well on that term.

I find myself wondering about the design-similarities to another very popular localisation-based mmo, tho. Did you have to make it that similar? It's really obvious.

That being said, a pretty UI is fun to play with, as long as it's intuitive as well. I have to say that many parts of the UI are "norman doors".

This counts especially for the launch wheel. Judging by the comments about the wheel, I feel supported in this opinion.

You shouldn't really have to "get used to" something that wasn't made for mastering in the first place. Of course, every new surrounding takes time to get used to, but usually, good design takes that need instantly from you. But let's have a look at that pretty looking wheel.

The colors seem to be chosen solely for aesthetic reasons. Why is it, that the symbol-borders become blue when a launch not possible? Usually red should imply that, but no, red means "go for it" here. Everything in the UI has a blue style and it would be so much better just to switch the signal colors for the bot icons. (red icons for depletion; not being able to launch that bot formation, blue for OK) Currently, it's perfect example of a norman door, making you wonder what to do and giving wrong implications through its design, no matter how often you look at it.

Further, why is it the bot categories have been completely eliminated in the launch wheel? You can now launch the wrong formation of bots, simply because you didn't read or look at the icon very focused. Again, this could be solved, solely with colors. The wheel itself has a border that stays always blue and the icons are white, altogether. These are just examples where some coloring could indicate the type of a bot formation. There is always searching for the kind of formation you want to launch. Colors could make this so much easier. (Surely, having the three faction colors might make this confusing for new players again. Still, I think the old coloring categorization was good. I didn't take much time to figure out that support bots have nothing to do with the faceless. If still in doubt, make support bots yellow for example? surely better than white. why not make the wheel change color matching to the bot type? or have it already colored like a pie chart, indicating categories)

Next, there would be the responsiveness of the wheel. When you turn the wheel, the bot formation only changes when you have waited for about 1-2 seconds until the wheel comes to a full stop. I accidentally launched the wrong bot formations that way (many times), just because I didn't wait for the wheel to stop. The bot formation should definitely change the instant an icon moves into the selection frame. The time waiting for the wheel animation to finish is unnecessary. Tapping the desired icon does not show this delay. But in all honesty, if tapping the icon is the fastest way to select your bot formation, there is no need for a wheel in the first place. Further, changing the formation via the arrow selection below causes the wheel to move inaccurately. 

There are many other things that could really use a rethink concerning intuitive design, but I don't have the time for that now.

I just hope someone reads this and gets creative.

The game has much more to offer than the current feel of the UI implies. That being said, thank you for taking your time to read this and thanks for letting me test the app.

Much obliged, shiinto

Edited by shiinto
Added some more input

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