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Blue is going in the wrong direction

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To me, a big appeal of Qonqr has been its ties to reality. The idea that “There is a war all around us...”. Physically navigating the real world to progress in the game. The key ingredient that made that work so well … the glue between the real world and the virtual world … has been the map.

Before blue,

  • that map looked like a real map and it was fun scrolling around and exploring neighborhoods near and far and seeing what zones there in the areas.
  • I could see a beacon that represented the position of my scope, and it moved as I moved
  • I literally used the qonqr map as a navigation tool to get around, all while following my position relative to surrounding zones

All that is now gone.

After blue

  • What I see on the “map” is a sea of neon colored icons.
  • The map itself has faded into the background and I can barely orient myself on it
  • Where am I?? No more beacon to place me onto the map AND into the game. The interface between reality and game disappeared.

As a result, the game has become something that feels more like an arcade game than an augmented reality game. What I had hoped is for blue to go in the opposite direction, where its ties with reality are becoming stronger. Silver, I think you even spoke to that same idea at a conference recently, musing what something like HoloLens might be able to do for the game. But for now, qonqr has moved away from that vision, instead of closer.

And that is a big disappointment.

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Ah - thank you for pointing that out. I hadn't discovered that option. That looks sooo much better.

The downside is that the font color doesn't change, so with the 'old' map activated, it's not possible to read zone names, etc. on the bottom left part of the screen.

BTW, I also noticed the beacon again. It must have been a bug that it wasn't there earlier. I'll pay more attention to that and file a separate report if it happens again

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