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Are all QONQR blue maps Google Maps? Globes RULE

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Do you use the Google maps control for all three versions of Blue? If so I'm going to look into how you might be able to present it as a globe by calling the control; I find the standard mercator projection in all maps terrifically irritating, nothing to do with Qonqr and everything to do with maps. The best control of all of course is Google Earth, because only Google Earth is rendered as a true 3D object, whereas all other globe renderings are a cylindrical projection set on an axis, wrapped onto a sphere (you can tell this by rotating the globe, if it becomes fixed around the north or south pole, it's a distorted cylinder. If you try this same trick on Google Earth, you are basically playing with a ball and can move it any way you want. Then it's easy to see how close Halifax is to the UK, or how easy it is to fly from Seattle to Tokyo.

OK, totally off topic .... hope you needed a distraction while trying to get THREE versions of Blue out the door!

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