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Chat Rooms

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I'm not sure if it's because chat isn't fully ready yet, but I have a few suggestions.

First, I had to go to the web chat and post in there to even start seeing the chats in the premade rooms (Global, Noob, United States, Oklahoma). I think there should be a way to initiate chats from the app.

Second, I created some rooms in the web chat, but I can only invite from the web chat. I think I understand the need to go to website to create a room, but I think we should be able to invite to a room from the app. I can find a player CIA search and there is an option to invite to a chat room, but it says I don't have a room I can invite them into even though I made about 4. Maybe that will be implemented when chat really gets up and running, I'm not sure.

Third, there needs to be a way to direct message or whisper someone from the app. Sort of like The Wire did, but notified them that they got a message (not like in classic QONQR where you got the same notification for both player message and message from command when zone was lost). I was thinking of just typing @name, like Twitter, FB, and GroupMe does, and it either creates a room for just you and them or it notifies them of a whisper and only they can see it, no matter which room it originated in.

I scanned topics and didn't see this one. Sorry if I missed it and it was discusser.

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I miss the Wire. I log on to the portal to still access it since I have conversations through the wire. I also miss the ability to edit the "Target Zone" message.

I do like the chat rooms, though! It's an invaluable feature and I think hopefully it'll bring the entire community together.

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