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QONQR wikileaks -- found data fragment

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As a Faceless operative, I came across some data fragments while performing forensics on an erratically behaving cloud cluster. The system was marked BLUE. I don't know if it's authentic or not, and the grammar isn't even consistent. Personally, I doubt it's authenticity, but, here's what I found ...

---- A3D700C3 sec read $.

QONQR origins

When QONQR first appeared on consoles and in systems, no one was sure if it was extraterrestrial, if it was a radio signal beamed back in response to Earth’s SETI signals, if it was an AI project of Nagumo Industries, or if it was a mutated computer virus, or a mixture of all of these that became sentient. Using an internet that never turned off, was never rebooted and was always connected, QONQR thrived.

Nagumo appeared to be at the center of all the activity, and first used nanobots to extend QONQR geographically from its origin somewhere in east Asia, creating what we now understand to be “zones”. As these bots were used to extend Qonqr's influence, the basic tactic of “qonqoring” a zone with these bots became the Zone Assault.

It was members of military leadership, the military-industrial complex and intelligence arms of the most powerful nation-states that first described the threat of QONQR. The Turing Task Force used the French Foreign Legion as a base of operations -- as it was the only military organization outside the control of nations-states. It was this Legion that first called people who helped Qonqr — whom they considered traitors to humankind — “the Swarm”.

The Legion’s first contribution was to increase the destructive power of nanobots. After the Legion detected the spread of nanobots from zone to zone, they needed a way to stop the spreading of what they considered a malignancy. This new offensive weaponry were useful for destroying bots -- but at a cost. They called it "Shockwave", and while it was an offensive powerhouse, by sacrificing defense. It was not as efficient as traditional assault bots for qonqoring zones, but this suited the Legion well, since their primary goal was to destroy QONQR by destroying bots.

The Swarm faced extinction, and had to defend against the Legion and their new shock bots, so Swarm, (likely Kimyo Nagumo, who was emerging as one of the leaders) reconfigured the bot to deflect energy -- the first defense bot! Or, was the Swarm directed by Qonqr in order to defend itself? Swarm may be enhancing QONQR, or QONQR may be developing the Swarm.

Those now known as the Faceless grew out of disparate “occupy” movements, WTO protesters, and various anonymous hacking groups. “Prometheus” emerged as their shadowy leader … until people began to realize there might not be a ... or not just one ... Promethus. Was it the same Prometheus that made a statement in October was the same Prometheus who released a video in November? How could a leader setting strategy in Berlin also be running small-scale covert ops in Los Angeles? Over time different appearances of this Prometheus began to strain credulity, if it were one person. Prometheus always appeared behind a complex electronic jamming mask, so almost any of the Faceless could be Prometheus. It is assumed they often are. One person? One thousand? Who knows?

Faceless created the next innovation, by hacking QONQR itself, and used the AI's built in communications to find a way to attack zones with pure energy! By using an information matrix, Faceless were able to use the resonant frequency of qonqr AI to send an energetic plasma pulse into enemy bots already in a zone. No bots required as it involved hacking enemy bots already in the zones and sending a powerful pulse of destructive power. With the Legion they perfected the technology, making it reliable when paired with a Plasma Core resonant focuser.

Legion wanted to stamp out the Swarm and needed to extend their ability to attack. Qonqr was spreading! This work led to nanotechnology missiles, not bots themselves but carriers -- to attack enemies at long distance. Like Shockwave before it, this came at a price — removing more armor in order to provide a lightweight, long range devastating attack.

The Faceless then hacked Swarm's new defense bots - by now called the Deflector - to execute a first strike against incoming bots, the live Seeker. Legion accused the Faceless of teaming with the Swarm to create the Seeker, since it's essentially a Deflector modified with Shockwave-style attack tactics.

Legion created the Absorber to allow cover for their shock tactics, to concentrate on other deployment. This allowed them to take over swarm infested areas, deploy their fragile Shock bots and take time to build elaborate booster arrays as the absorbers took all the punishment.

Swarm found a special way to layer bots; like a biofilm almost, or a crystalline lattice. The rigid structure gave strength to surrounding bots, to a point.

Faceless hacked deflection bots again, rendering them invisible and used this stealth technology to hide their deployment strategies ... and their ultimate goals?

Legion further explored destructive force and in doing so boosted the energy significantly, so powerful it almost destroyed half the city during early tests before they learned to control it.

Swarm countered this with a new bot forge, subjecting the bots to tremendous heat and pressure -- before deployment -- creating a strong armor shell. This became the basis of all Strengthen deployments.

(Fragment ends here)

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