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(at the legion hq)

High alert ! High alert !

Agent Sunday!

The swarms r on the move they r sending a huge amount of their equipment to INDIA&CHINA

"what? Why r they doing this? I want NORTH INDIAN SUPPORT COMM. ROOM online.

Okay! Ma'am


( in the comm. room )

Agent:- corpral devilboy123 I want ur team to be fully alert! There is threat from swarm

Corporal:- yes! Ma'am swarms hav attacked our region to take control of one of major city in our state but we hav fought them back. But due to less operators we hav lossed many zones to them all in battle.

Agent :- so, we will send u support as soon as possible

Corporal:- I will put my insider informer in swarm in alert.

Corporal out.

-------------------------------------------------------------------corporal! our 10 zones in our northen region have been captured!

Corporal:- Oh,no ! Increase defence in all of our basses and message every one to be on high alert against swarm.

Increase defence specially in the capital city.

Okay ! Sir

Corporal after sending the staff away he starts a private message to to Agent343

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