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New Players, Don't Bother With Legion

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I'm Kimochi Kuri, also known as Kuri, and here's what I learned in my year of playing QONQR this year. This will be a long story and I'm not going to leave out the BS from my side. Everything I talk about can be found in threads that I can get the screenshots of if needed. I'm not looking to shame Legion nor anyone from it so avoided names and this does not apply to all Legion but merely my experience in the last few months.

Some background on me as a player: Legion, Active in SEPA (South-East Pennsylvania), and Active Atlantis Player. Former Faceless player (only played for a week before flipping).

DISCLAIMER: There is profanity. This is a long post that I can't TLDR. in a polite manner.

With that information given, I want to let you newcomers know that you're better off not expressing any new ideas that break the cycle of Legion. Recently, I've been dismissed from my faction and now a solo player. I don't make this out of spite but I make this to inform. If you have any new ideas to apply strategy to a strategy game then you may as well not join Legion. You're possibly better off playing as Swarm or Faceless.

I say this because in the last month, I've been debating whether or not I should quit this game or not from how mistreated I feel by Legion. Are they all bad? No. I've had been helped to a great deal by many of my comrades from Legion and I can't repay some of them enough but others are just downright rude and they will completely bash you and your ideas. Recently, I've had an idea for a defensive strategy for Atlantis, this strategy was simply stack and clear zones in Legion Atlantis by creating a small defense force that would remain that plan throughout the entire span of Atlantis. This group was not attack based but defense.

Now, this idea was immediately shot down and disregarded by my former member's of Legion without any regards to how I felt about the idea nor if idea was worth the try or not. They crapped on it complete, only pointing out flaws and discussing how bad the idea was. This in no way welcoming, but that is just the beginning.

After the initial dispute, I was told that the idea would be properly discussed after we celebrated, (in regards to the Legion victory in March in which we BARELY WON) and thus I waited a week, like I was told. The fact that we barely won and lost our Melee zone is why the idea was brought into light as we lost a crucial zone. Anyway, I waited an entire week. I said nothing about it, I let the dust settle and all and once that week was up, I reintroduced my idea. This idea was yet again, INTERMEDIATELY SHOT DOWN AND DISREGARDED WITHOUT DISCUSSION.

The same people that **** on my idea are the SAME people I've spent a year playing with. These were SUPPOSED to be my comrades. They were SUPPOSED to be my friends. They were SUPPOSED to be my teammates and they completely pushed my idea on the back burner and once it was in the front again, they kicked it off the stove.

The result was me not wanting a hing to do with these people. I left all threads except for my local one. The Atlantis Thread, the North Eats Thread, the We Are Legion Thread, the Pennsylvania Thread. Any place where I had to be with these rude people was abandoned. I stayed local and only participated with those who were with the idea of the defense group idea in Atlantis and my local thread. That was it. I recently was going to join an OP for the sake of convenience since I was in SW (South West) PA and I left when the target was not convenient for me. I was scolded for it by saying what I did was rude. I'm sorry that I don't want to be in threads with people I don't feel comfortable with.

Today, on this day, I was removed from my local thread. I am now by myself and solo. All because I had an idea. All because I didn't want to work with people who were rude to me. I get that they helped me before but that doesn't make up for now. I'm a ******* person before I am a player. I have ideas, I share them with my friends, I expect my 'friends' to not **** on them. This isn't what you do to welcome people. This isn't how you make someone belong to a group. It's no surprise why Legion is a small faction, it's because it 's a small circle with nothing but the same ideas and same people with one hive mind.

How you see this varies but this is my story and why I am now a solo player in QONQR.

If I didn't have bots built up and some respect still lingering for those who helped me then I would have flipped to Faceless, because even if they have bad communication, at least I would have felt welcome in some way because I sure as **** don't feel welcome as Legion. Good job, Northeast Legion. You guys are ******* rock-stars. Pew Pew Pew.

To clarify, I'm not mad about my idea being shot but how it was handled as someone who spent a year in Legion.

- Kuri

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I've noticed that with the legion. I also notice alot of ignorance and pride, which is why I'm faceless. I live in a legion controlled area, by myself, and I've had multiple members try to recruit me and some were a bit rude when I declined. Also, I agree with your idea on Atlantis... It's smart and I think it would help the legion if every member of the legion were to play and use this but, most legion wins at Atlantis seems to be won by brute force with no particular strategy.

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Yup, it's a very toxic way of going about things. This is what makes a community bad when you have players treat others like ****. I'm still Legion, and I've been abandon by almost everyone in my Faction. So much to the point in which they think I'm going to turn on them and go rogue for another faction. I'm angry but I'm not going to just **** people over. These are the same people that supposedly were teammates, calling me a traitor. I've been with them for a year.They should know me enough by now to know I'd never make a move like that to hurt Legion.

In Legion you are not a person. You are a tool for a battle. You are an object before you are a person. You break cycle or try to be different and you are a joke. I was hazed when I first said I wanted to do Atlantis to my Faction. I should have known then that something like this would happen again sooner or later.

Again, Pew Pew Pew. These guys are the best faction.

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Some battle plans get swept under the rug but that is team playing. Was there another objective? Or perhaps Atlantis doesn't have the same draw as looking over local business. I've always considered myself a lone player but also chip in to help out my faction. @nova all battles are won with brute force in the end. When everyone's abilities and strategic knowledge is on a par with each other then all you have left is brute force. I thought last Atlantis was a closely fought battle and quite enjoyable.

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I remember Kuri, we spoke on and off, nothing really notable.  I was in that chat were you suggesting teams also, were I suggested some other idea that were shot down but completely understand why.. I also remember that, yes, some people didn't explain why they didn't like your idea to you directly very well, which is a shame really. I understand that you had an idea and did not like the majority of people siding against it, but its hard to argue the reason they shot you down, which is, assuming I recall correctly, "What we are doing is still working" and " Dividing ourselves will make us weaker". 


It is a shame that you got ousted but since I was not involved with that I cant comment on it.


TLDR: Maybe some day the internet will not be a place for more drama then day time TV.... some day.


Good luck on your new adventures and I hope there is less drama were you are at now :)

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