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R.I.P. Command Center

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I have enjoyed QONQR for a couple years now. Broken apps, abusive players among other things have caused me to slow down in play. But one thing I did enjoy was Command Center. I thought it was an excellent idea for keeping an eye on your home territory, and I could see the potential of continuing its development... say using it to "enter" our bases and build them up to provide specializations, or maybe have a Nano-bot creation unit that would automatically add bots to your base, further shoring its defenses.. today I opened command center and was disappointed to find that the map no longer displays, not to mention that a long time ago the ability to see who was stacking a zone was eliminated.

I guess I'm just whining that it is so frustrating to see this universe grow and develop so slowly. But maybe that's the burden of being an independent developer...

Silver, if you are going to allow an app to become broken, at least pull it from the store.



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