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Windows 8 Command Center

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They've already said they aren't going to add any updates to the command center. Its features should eventually be pushed over to the portal.

The same ideas would be great for the command center as well. They could also implement a state or country wide watch so if you just trying to look at your state you done cut pieces off and have lumps of your neighboring state in your rectangle. You could amend it to have countries to. I believe the more options the game gives you, the more you can do and easier it is to coordinate with others. using GroupMe alone has brightened my whole states gameplay for all factions.

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It will kill the game because too easy to cheat. (proxies and remote controlled computers)

that's why i'm also against an android version of QONQR, because we can remote control those phones..

Really, against QONQR on android? Thats going a little far isnt it? They are working on tracking that so if the fact that its too easy to cheat with your android phone deters you from playing, buy another phone. Lots of people can't afford to buy a new phone and will probably love playing. I for one am one of them. Though the fact that it is easy to cheat has never even crossed my mind.

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Y'all probably talked about this but is there a way to use this on Win7 with some kind of compatibility software? Probably not but just a question.

Buuuuut if there is, hit me up with how to do it, please.

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