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PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

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My Seekers are actually X-Wings that fly between formations strafing them...

The animations may get old, but sometimes it's nice to watch the nanomissile or plasma beam destroy everything. Also, a favorite thing of mine is to pretend my Shockwave bots are Daleks and yell EXTERMINATE! as they're killing everything.

The animations are kind of useful for when you're just deploying defense and are a couple hundred bots shy of another deployment. You can just sit through the animation for a moment, analyze the bot report, and launch again. After a couple of those, I usually have another deployment built up.

Luckily, back button can allow for skipping that (wish we could get to the battle report by hitting the back button during animation) mess and do spam deploy.

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On 12/24/2012 at 0:57 PM, Silver said:

Windows Phone users will probably find that image familiar, there may or may not have been some tracing involved. The windows phone has launch animations. Here is the screenshot of the plasma beam.


When I upgraded my phone to an Android phone I was dissapointed that I could no longer enjoy the satisfaction of nuking a zone with a nanomissile...

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