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Since a few people have asked regarding the issue, I figured I would just make a post about signatures.

How do I add a banner (image) to my signature?

The image must be hosted somewhere and then linked to using the image tag (it looks like a polaroid picture of a tree).

Though it is technically possible to host it on the site, it is FAR easier to just use an image service, like photobucket (PM, me if you really hate those sites and I will host it on one of my servers somewhere).

How big can my signature be?

Currently, signatures are limited to 250px. Anything beyond this can be used, but your signature will scroll, so staying within 250px is recommended.

What can be in my signature?

Use common sense here. Mine contains my name, faction, and level. There is no requirement for what it must contain, but please refrain from anything vulgar, or that can be misinterpreted as such.

Please DO NOT advertise in your signature unless it has relevance to QONQR, no one here wants to be constantly reminded of how much your awesome hot dogs cost etc. If you really think something would interest people, feel free to post it in the off-topic section.

If you are not sure if your signature counts as advertising (For 99% of people, it wont), please assume it does until you contact a developer, such as GungHo. They do not bite, or at least no one has come forth telling me so.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or the great QONQR developers that made the game.


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i wanted to ask, if the api is somewhere documented and if someone could point me in the right direction?

If you ask yourself why i post this question here.. : i'd like to have an live-updated signature image with profile information.

Also if some parts of the api are open for the public one could build watcher/notification apps ...

Best Regards

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