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You know you play QONQR too much when…

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I know the feeling. I had to play quite time from qonqr yesterday..my old lady was yelling i'm burning up the data on our plan. Like 10 GB is not enough. How bout tell the boy to stay off Netflix babe and our data would be just fine gosh! I think he could live with out cartman and Kenny. May even raise his common sense level. But hey I'm just step dad what do I know...lol! Merry Christmas from the neither world and darkslayer1 to you all!

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When your girlfriend whines at you because you're a few levels ahead of her and she never gets to capture anything without using nanomissiles.

And I completely understand the toilet thing.

Whining or no whining, at least you have a girlfriend who plays Qonqr. Life is good.

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