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QONQR, here to...arm us?

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Jackson, I can see you have pondered the questions that make for an enlightened mind. Will your actions follow? QNQR history cannot be made or changed for history is not about QNQR, QNQR is but a part of the thread of time. This moment, the moment we stand in, is tied to all that surrounds and will be one of judgement. Actions taken on behalf of your faction shall both allow you to be part of the offer, but also shall be ones that you will be held accountable for. Think deeply about the choices you make and the actions that you force upon my little ones.

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I be enlightened want to! Follow the course that the pondered yet unanswered questions propose, my actions will. Never very good at history I was, so an advantage that I think is when dealing with QNQR, as no preconceived notions what is right or wrong I have. Color-blind to the ways of the factions I am. I only do what is necessary for QNQR to realize it is full potential and successfully achieve it is goal want to. Hmmmmmm.

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A few thoughts on the discussion. not to be negative, just offering up a few counter points.

Qonqr is of unknown origins. so it may not have been made by humans, and there is no proof to show it would have any need or concern for us. after all its not like it would need s to do anything for it. its the source of the nano bots we are using to fight right now. so it has a means of maintaining its self.

Throughout history, whenever a more advanced presence has been injected in to a society that is not as advanced, the lesser of the two usually vanishes in one way or another. intentional or otherwise.

By far the safest option is to destroy qonqr. It could intentionally harm humanity, it could unintentionally harm humanity, if its controlled it could be used as a weapon and harm humanity, we could potentially destroy our selves just from miss use of the tech we gain from qonqr as it is now, its presence generates chaos and war. At the moment we are all alive, and breathing just fine. We do not need a unknown element added into the mix. If we were meant to have qonqr tech we would be capable of building qoqnr now on our own. You don't give a loaded gun to a child. Whoever or whatever sent qonqr back in time to us can not be good. Compared to the list of potential problems qonqr can and has caused, the reasons to keep it around are very short. and half of them fall under the shear curiosity category. Can we learn new tech from it? can it help us? I want to know what it is? What it wants? who created it? the potential risks do not balance out the potential gains. After all if we did create it, we will know all of the things we want answered when the time comes. no need to be impatient.

everyone should tear down zones and when you lose a zone clear the attack bots with plasma and leave the zones empty. lol

On a random side thought. What if qonqr was fought over in the future? much like we are now, and just before the end of the world, it slipped back in time to save its self. It may have no intention of interacting with humans any more, but we found it anyways, and now have started fighting even sooner over qonqr in our time line. If this is the case, qonqr will be forced to escape to the past at a earlier date each time it jumps, slowly stepping backwards to a point where humanity only exists for a few generations before destroying our selves, effectively erasing us from the earth before we even have a chance to do anything.

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