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Unofficial Zone Leads (0-999+) and Zone Captures (0-1999+) Leaderboards

Unofficial Leaderboards  

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  1. 1. How many zone leads do you have? (0-999)

  2. 2. How many zone captures do you have? (0-1999+)

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Hi guys. I know there have been a lot of requests for other leaderboards besides total bot count, so here is one for total zone leads. Using a poll means the answers aren't exact, but it is far easier than other methods of keeping track and you can update it yourself. BE HONEST; it's really easy to tell if you are lying. If the response and feedback for this one is positive, maybe I'll make some for other statistics. Have fun!!!

It wouldn't let me string together multiple questions without making you answer each one, so for now if you have more than 999 zone leads, just select the last option.

EDIT: Now with Zones Captured Leaderboard too!

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I would have to make another poll. you are only allowed 20 Answers per survey question.

Ok so have it 0-1500 by hundreds and then by 1501-3500 by 500 and lastly 3501+?

Or 0-1000 by hundreds and 500s after that.

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