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Major Achievements Update

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Tonight I made several major changes to the achievements, many based on player feedback.

Annihilator, Exterminator, Champion, Leader, and Industrialist had their requirements reduced. In addition, four new awards were created for deployments that happened on specific dates.

As a result 1949 medals were awarded to 1455 players, and 268 players advanced their rank. One player advanced two ranks. Maecenus is now the only Master Sergeant in the game. 102 players observed the Christmas truce.

As a bonus, I thought I would include the players who had earned the top medal for lifetime kills.

PhilNi 26,601,813

willie 25,712,909

Rollosdad 23,028,851

maecenus 19,153,945

mtewks81 18,217,938

darkiran 15,159,520

Plem45 14,423,195

Oknos 12,584,185

olegm 12,502,478

Shodan 12,02,7476

LordStefo 11,447,054

redrhonda 11,194,687

Pierrette 11,191,375

Corpusd 10,224,618

tracey 10,202,625

Also, only Maecenus has earned the Industrialist award by harvesting 6,414,210 credits.

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Great job on the new medals, Silver and team. I jumped by 10 rank points, so I was very happy indeed. Just a couple of things I noticed about the iOS version:

--There's a typo on the Leader medal. It says "15 player" instead of "15 players".

--The Skynet Anniversary, HAL's Birthday, and Ypres Peace progress bars are showing up empty (white) instead of filled (orange), even after earning them. I don't know if this is also affecting the Turing's Birthday medal, since I haven't yet earned that one.

Again, though, great job. I'm very much looking forward to more medals in the future!

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I was working hard toward the old 100M annihilator goal... Yeah, that's it. Now that's its only 10M I guess I can slow down. Unlikely.

I wish they kept the 100M goal. 10M was far too easy. Maybe 50M would have been a good reduction, but 10M?

100M is a goal much more on par with recruiting 50 players.

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I have these gigantic achievements back on the todo list. I think I'll implement them as a hidden achievement. People got bent out of shape about how "impossible" the top achievements on the list were and we lowered them. So I think we'll add more achievements but hide them until you earn them.

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